Buying drive and still confused

I have a mybook 1112.  It has worked perfectly for 2 years!  I don’t think I ever installed smartware.  If I remenber correctly, I plugged the drive in, the virtual cd appeared.  It appears in finder and on the desktop.  I’ve ignored it ever since.  I simply went to disk utility and partitioned the disk the way I wanted it.  I’m not sure this cavalier approach will work in my current situation.

I’m thinking I want a mybook studio 4T but I think it comes as Mac formated Raid 0.  I think this means that when I do a write some data will go on one internal drive some on the other internal drive and I won’t know which drive it is on.  So if I want to replace one of the internal drives I won’t know what data is being removed.

In an earlier thread trythesefirst suggested that I could change the settings to JABOD (just a bunch of data) and then I would know where the data was being written.  Do I have to install smartware to change the settings? 

I don’t know that much about RAID. I think RAID 0 the data is written across both drives so it’s not on just one drive. RAID 1 the data is written to one drive and mirrored to the second. RAID 0 the drive capacity is the 2 drives add together so two 1T drives would be 2Ttotal. RAID 1 the two 1T drives are 1T. Does the studio come with the RAID manager in it’s software? I’ve got an old MY Book Pro and you select the RAID configuration there when you setup the drive.



Your understanding of RAID is the same as mine.  I see if I go to the Mac disk utility I can select 3 different RAID settings.  1. mirrored which is RAID1  2. stripped which is RAID0 and 3. concatenated disk which allows you to concatenate or combine several disks or paritions into one.  In Mac help they refer to the 3rd option as JBOD (just a bunch of disk).   If I start up disk utility with a mybook studio II 4T plugged in, is there any setting that allows me to see the 2 internal drives seperately?  My goal is to be able to replace the internal drives seperately without destroying data. just to give you an idea.

You can change the raid setting using the raid manager preinstalled in wd utilities I believe.