Buying advice


I’m planning to buy my first NAS.

Main thing i want to use it for is central storage of my photo’s ( a few Thousand, RAW and JPEG 24 mp), and to be able to se them on my ipad and iphone.
Also want to make backups of the PC, laptop, ipads and iphone’s.

I want to work in photoshop directly into the storage on the NAS.

Is the Icloud Mirror gen2 good for this?


While you can access your files in iOS devices, backing-up iOS devices (Beyond picture and videos) is not supported at the time of this post, but can be done with 3rd party apps.

With regards to working directly from your NAS, I am not aware if Adobe Photoshop can work directly with files in an EXT4 device on your network.

I use a My Cloud Mirror 1st Gen for (6TB) as the Time Machine backup location for the 7 MacBooks in my household. It also has a very basic public file server function, webdav/ftp (mainly for guests to the home to use) to see/use with maps, bus timetables, etc, local info etc.

This device simply doesn’t have enough grunt to do anything sensible. We tried to run it as a music server, photo server etc. Possibly OK for one person, but as a family pro unit even with the much improved OS3 there is still a long way to go…

Best purchase was a QNAP 253 again with 6TB but this time doing all the media, file sharing and hosting photoshop databases etc stuff - works a lot better (better processor, more RAM etc).

If you are a Mac user, you could also consider a Mac Mini (headless) acting as a file server. That can work a treat…