Buying a new router, need advice

I know there is aq list of routers on the WD page, but a lot of them are obsolete. Since my existing network is on a Linsys wireless -G router, I am upgrading and would like to use the Cisco E2400 since it is on sale and ios dual band. Would this be wise or any other suggestions. My knowledge of wireless connections and routers is limited.

NOTE: My Wd live is not currently linked yup to anyhting. I have it connected to my PC via a CAT5 cable. I get no interent but I can stream movies. I am looking to change that and get rid of my cable TV.

cisco2400 dual band router

I meant toa add that I am going to wire the router diredctly to the WD with a cable interent connection and use the wireless features for other PCs in my house and perhaps a TV on a second floor down the road (after I buy anoher WD live).


I would never buy a 802.11n-capable router that did NOT have Gigabit Ethernet ports.

so would the d-link dir-655 be better. it is supported by WD and has gigabit ethernet connections (I think)

I use a dualband Dlink 655 that works great with my WD TV Live Plus, a Dlink NAS with uPnP, and a Playon media server. The only issue I encountered was it was not providing the correct DNS settings to the WD TV Live at first…I had to manually add the DNS server to the WD TV Live network settings.

thank you for the responses. I think I will just grab the 655.

another question: how does playon work  as an alternate to cable or satellite TV?

It’s a very viable solution. I ditched my Directtv a few months ago now. I use the WD TV Live Plus’s for most content (and use it to access Playon and NAS streams). Playon lets me stream Hulu and Amazon On Demand to my WD devices. You will still need to subscribe to the content providers. I know I replaced about 90% (Disney Channel needs to jump on the streaming bandwagon) of what my family watched with the cable providers with this setup. If you have Playon questions though, I’ll advise you to head over to their forums (and you will probably see some of us there too).

thanks a lot. we are switching off of the comcast cable noose and trying to subsidise with hulu. Thanks for our advice.