Built-in software of my passport 4tb are deleted

i bought a new wd my passport 4tb, it works fine and all built-in software are there but unfortunately i format. So all software are erase so kindly help me out that my passport is still protected and all built-in software are permanently installed on drive and never effected by format in any case.


The “built in” software is simply included for convenience and to save having to download it seperately. It is not actually needed at all for the basic usage of the drive.

If you need the software, you can downlod it from the downloads link at the very top of this forum page (or click here) and select whichever version of the MP you have from the dropdown list on that page…

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Thanks for reply, is it still protected against virus and others. All drivers and software are permanently installed on this drives and never effect by format, and is there any harmful effect on device by formating it

Again I think you’re fundamentally misunderstanding what the software (and hardware) is.

Things like anti-virus etc are applications that you install on your PC or other device, that run under the operating system (Windows, Linux, MacOS or whatever). They are installed there and run there. Your MP drive is connected to your PC, and so is seen as another drive on it. The AV software extends its coverage to this drive in the same way that it does the local hard drive/SSD inside the computer.

But basically nothing is actually installed onto the MyPassport drive, all installs are on the PC itself. If you move the MP from one PC to another, all you take with you is the data that may be stored on the drive, but anything like anti-virus will depend on what is installed on the new PC that you connect the drive to.

Fundamentally you can think of the MyPassport as a very big USB key drive, just for storing data. The software that comes with it is only for convenience to save you having to waste time and download quota in getting it from the website. It is entirely the same software (unless of course versions have been updated since it was put onto the drive) - in the old days they would give it to you on a CD or something but there’s no point in doing that if the product you’re buying is fundamentally a storage device anyway.