Buildroot issues compiling PHP and Apache

I’m trying to create a custom firmware for the My Passport Pro using MyPassportWirelessPro-GPL-FW1_03_04.tgz

I am compiling the GPL Buildroot inside of an Ubuntu 12.04 Docker container. I’m setting up the container like this:

FROM ubuntu:12.04

RUN apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade -y

RUN apt-get update && \
        apt-get install -y build-essential libncurses5-dev rsync cpio python unzip bc wget \
                           libc6:i386 libstdc++6:i386 zlib1g:i386 lzma php5 php-config less nano curl \
                           apache2 apache2-dev libxml2-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev libjpeg-dev libpng-dev \
                           libxpm-dev libmysqlclient-dev libpq-dev libicu-dev libfreetype6-dev \
                           libldap2-dev libxslt-dev tree gcc-multilib

If I use ubuntu’s PHP5, the build will fail on PHP when it tries to create ext/phar/phar.phar

So I added to my Dockerfile:

RUN curl -s | tar -zxv -C /usr/src && \
        cd /usr/src/php-5.4.19 && \
        ./configure --enable-phar --disable-gtk-doc-html --disable-gtk-doc --disable-doc --disable-docs \
                    --disable-documentation --with-xmlto=no --with-fop=no --disable-dependency-tracking \
                    --enable-shared --disable-all --enable-pthreads --enable-sockets --enable-apc \
                    --enable-pear --enable-mbstring --enable-posix --enable-session --enable-hash \
                    --enable-dom --enable-simplexml --enable-xml --enable-xmlreader --enable-xmlwriter \
                    --enable-exif --enable-json --enable-tokenizer --enable-ctype --enable-filter \
                    --enable-fileinfo --enable-bcmath --enable-libxml && \
        make -j8 && \
        make install && \
        cd / && rm -rf /usr/src/php-5.4.19

RUN sed -i '/^define UPPERCASE_FIRST/s/^/% /g' /usr/share/i18n/locales/tr_TR

I can produce a loadable image using ./ build

But after loading that image, Apache segfaults.

Has anyone managed to build a working firmware from the GPL Buildroot?