Building New Computer - can't format new 1002FAES Drive

I am replacing all of the components of my old XP system, just keeping the case and optical drives.  I tried to format / partition the FAES drive on XP, but I couldn’t read the SATA6 drive.  I tried running XP from the new MB, but keep getting blue screen of death.

I then tried booting Partition Magic ver 8.  It tried to work, but only recognized 500 GB on the drive. 

My WD drive must have been OEM because I didn’t get any software with the drive.

So, now I’m stuck.  I suppose that I could install Windows 7 and then partition the disk once Win 7 was operational.  Or, is there some bootable software that is available that will solve this problem?


Is there instructions on the drive label about installing and using the drive for XP.