Build Quality

Just curious to get some feedback on the perceived build quality of the WD TV Live.

I find the box itself to be reasonably sturdy but the paint finish is incredibly fragile.

When I first got the Live, there was a small black spec on the front-top edge.  I rubbed it with my finger and it got longer; it was actually a tiny flaw in the paint.

Since then, various handling of the device (power cycling, upgrading from component to HDMI, adding / removing USB devices) has resulted in more and more paint flaking off, to the point that it looks as if I’ve dropped it several times on concrete.  Except I always handle it very carefully.

It makes reselling the unit pretty much impossible unless I’m willing to accept far less than the device is worth (not that I want to sell it, just that’s it’s a bit naff to have the option taken away).

Doesn’t seem like the finish is fit for purpose.  Underneath the painted surface, the material appears to be the same glossy black as the old WD TV HD Gen 2.  Same chassis with a cheap paint job?

Has anyone else experienced this?  

Nope, and I’ve been lending mine to friends occasionally for testing.

Thank for the reply.

Maybe mine’s just a bad 'un then.  Or perhaps I just have freakishly corrosive sweat?

The finish is also stripping off the surface of my Ikea desk where my hands / arms touch it…  :dizzy_face: