Bugs.... lot of bugs

How about instead of adding new features make sure that current features work and are bug free instead of making us all beta testers for poor quality firmware?

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I have said this B4 also.

i agree, would be a good idea.

This topic comes up with every WD TV device. From what we’ve seen WD say, it seems like they have different teams in charge of adding features and fixing bugs- it’s not an either/or proposition. Also, many of the services are likely “cookie cutter” code - so for example lets say I started a video streaming service called “Ardvark Video” - I could make an app that would be compatible with the WD TV, Roku, and numerous other device. I would then provide it to the device makers and they would include in in a future patch. WD would get it, and add it to the device. This helps WD sell more units because everyone is clamoring to play Ardvark Video shows on their TV- this is good for all of us because it puts more money in WD’s pockets and lets them know that people are still buying the product- the result is more money budgeted to the device which means more people being paid to fix bugs and work on the next generation device (WD tends to put out a new WD TV every year, swapping between 2-3 models). 

Sorry if that was a bit of a ramble… WD please don’t stop adding new features - In fact, if you look in the idea labs there are tons of ideas people have suggested for new services and features you can add!