Bugs in WD TV Live FW 1.01.24

I must say there are a few bugs in this FW:

1st: Youtube

  • Youtube videos are extrazoomed in default i think to 1.1x and if i zoom it down it zoomes to half size - please repair it to correct fit the screen, beacuse some text in the bottom are hardly readable.

  • After playing video from related videos it does not go back to related videos but it writes there is no media in the folder and take me back to the “root” youtube video and i have to play again to get back to related videos , but i cant go back to the second level of related videos

  • no way to go to a some channel in youtube (for example RWJ channel), its hard to find new videos in the channel

2nd: Background

  • sometimes there is displayed background in bad quality, like a compressed image with some bad colors and lines

3rd: 1080p/23.976 video on 1080i

  • is not smooth played on 1080i screens - it is little jerking

Thanks for any reply, reading or repair