Buggy acronis script?

I just installed Acronis True Image so I could clone my failing HD to another. Now when I shut down, instead of the usual “windows is shutting down” I get the message “Shutdown scripts are running” for 10 minutes before it finally dies.

I ran gpedit.msc and there were no startup or shutdown scripts in the normal places. I found “script.ini” in the ***GroupPolicy\Machine\scripts folder (not in the \shutdown folder under it where it is expected to be)

The contents of this file are:

0CmdLine=C:\Program Files\Common Files\Acronis\Schedule2\schedhlp.exe

Just what does this scheduhlp.exe do and why does it take 10 minutes! on every shutdown?

Is this the WD version of Acronis? It sounds like some type of auto backup might be running. Look in Windows Services and see if there is Acronis Continuous Backup if so disable it. If there Is Acronis Scheduler there set it to manual.


I have “exactly” the same problem with an XP system. On shutdown there are 10 minutes of shutdown scripts. From the True image log, it seems that a backup is performed on each shutdown.

I originally installed a trial version of True Image and made a full backup.

Subsequently I removed the drive with that backup .tib file, put in a new WD hard drive, installed the WD version of True Image and cloned my failing C drive with it. I think the backup scripts come from that WD version of the program.

I never requested a repeated backup and would like to cancel this or schedule it on a less frequent basis. I can’t find how to do this in Acronis. Can anybody help??