Bug with workaround

Ok, so I’ve stumbled across a bug with the WDTV (1.04.18_B) and a workaround. I’m using a HDMI cable direct between the TV and the WDTV, and an optical cable to a Denon AV receiver. The behavior I’d see is after watching media for some period 10-30mins the TV would go pink - almost like a bad cable that had interference. I almost certain it’s not a cable issue since several different sources (TiVo, PS3, xBox) would run perfectly. The only way to resolve was either change the resolution or restart the WDTV. This then brought the picture back to good quality. I struggled with this for a few weeks and believe I’ve stumbled upon the solution. Since I wasn’t routing audio through the HDMI cable I had the audio set to “Digital with no HDMI”, since changing the setting back to “Digital” the issue hasn’t re-occured. Not 100% sure this isn’t a TV issue, but after reading other posts the WDTV resolution detection seems a little flakey, and hopefully this provides a reproducible issue the developers can take a look at. I’m not clear on the value of that specific audio setting, since setting it to both has no impact.


This issue only happens with the HDMI setting? Have you tried using component or composite cables?

I’m unable to test since I don’t have composite cables long enough to connect. All connectivity was using HDMI.