BUG: video_ts playback is farked but identical .ISO layout works perfectly

I’ve detected what is surely a bug (I hope it hasn’t already been covered, my apologies if it has).

I’ve ripped a few DVDs that I own using DVDShink to their usual DVD layout on a USB hard drive for my WD TV Live to playback. The files are in .VOB format in a video_ts folder, easy rip from DVD, no customization or modification. Just your normal DVD basically.

Playback is UNVIEWABLE! Total image breakup, as if there wasn’t enough bandwidth (but no chance of that!). No audio, video tearing, breaking up, basically, as I said, utterly unplayable. MAYBE I get 5 seconds before it goes bad. Even really low bitrate images fail. Plus the menu structure is hard to do.

On a lark, I JUST took the exact same files, saved them into an .ISO file and placed them in the same place on that same USB drive.

PERFECT playback, full menus, everything works as I would want it to without a single hitch.

SAME files, played as .VOBs are unviewable but when inside of an .ISO they are perfectly playable!

Note: In order to even get to a menu with video_ts I have to manually select the .VOB, with the .ISO I just select it and it works perfectly. This is also a glaring issue, but it’s more of an interface one.

The bug here is that raw . VOB files s don’t play but those same files inside of an .ISO play just fine!

(Latest firmware)