BUG v1.01.24: Data corruption on external NTFS drives when using sparse files

WD TV Live corrupt data on external NTFS drives when using sparse files.

How to reproduce problem:
Connect external drive to WD TV Live (Firware version 1.01.24)…
Map this drive to local PC via LAN.
Create some sparse files on drive. Total files size must be more that whole drive capacity.

Then contynue write data to these files.
Sooner or later you will get the write error.
File system will be corrupted, even if it still be possible to read/write files.

(Funny thing: Some directories will be listed twice)
chkdsk on Windows will fix them, byt some files will disappears, and some will be truncated to zero.

The easiest way to create sparse files is using uTorrent program to download some lardge files from Internet.

Do not try to write to drive more data, that whole drive capacity. :slight_smile:

I can confirm this bug .

using TotalCommander and copying files from local drive to a _\wdtvlive\myBook_ I’ve got an error

“There is not enough disk space”.

after refresh a directory view - all seemed to look OK - until power off.

NTFS partition became a RAW

WDTV LIVE HD official firmware 1.01.24 1.02.21, and MyBook Essential 1TB

EDITED: firware version updated

Is this bug present in the latest firmware (as of writing), 1.02.21?

Yes, IMHO there is a bug - (I edited my post)

Thanks for the bug report. We’ll look into this.

This is a known issue. How about, don’t use sparse files. As has been said in other threads, what can you expect using sparse files that “take up” more than the drive capacity. Errors are bound to occur.

Simply don’t use the sparse files or just download to your computer drive and then transfer.