Bug Report

I want to report a bug in DL2100 firmware. Public folders like Smatware and TimeMachine can be deleted and do not reappear after reboot. However, i found out the if there are multiple power failures and the NAS doesn’t have time to completely bootup, these folders will reappear.

For some reason i couldn’t send this email to WD support, so maybe one of the MOD here will see this post and forward it to support.


We have passed this along to support.

First of all, thanks for reminding me I need to connect my DL2100 to a UPS.  Even the slightest power flicker can turn it off and often when this happens to a device even for a split second the device does not reboot properly.

I think perhaps in your case the NAS did a reboot to the factory defaults and likely the folders you deleted reappeared because they are built into the hardware to reappear in case of a severe failure.  You might want to reset the NAS to factory defaults while you monitor the situation and then re do your individual settings you set up.

hi mike27oct, yes I am also looking into UPSs now. I do not believe it was reseted to factory default, because all my initial settings were kept and i was able to log on remotely , like I always do. However, i believe that some default settings, like initial folder structure is reapplied, without affecting the shares that I created.

@ Hamlet, thank you

If you are searching for a UPS, just to let you know I just bought the same one I bought 3 years ago for a device downstairs that freaked out when power flickered. The problems with that device are solved with the UPS.  Power flickers are more common than overall power failures that last a short or long time.  I have the NAS and another laptop, drives etc. in a separate upstairs room, and I will plug it’s surge supressor into the new UPS and cover all the devices there, too.

Three years ago I made a big search to find one that is small, inexpensive but good enough to get the job done so stuff can stay powered for around 15 mins – enough time to properly turn the devices off if necessary. It handles flickers beautifully.

This link is for the CyberPower unit I bought from MacMall – best price ($40) found for it and no tax and free shipping!


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