Bug report: Old USB share setting retains on new USB storage


I’d like to report a highly likely bug on firmware 5.13.115 for My Cloud.

The old share setting of old USB storage retains on a new USB storage device, which causes unintended content available for Web/App access even though the setting “Mobile & Web App Access” is OFF.

The process to reproduce the bug is a bit complicated so I have to list the process step by step.

  1. I have an old USB HDD connected to My Cloud and named “MyPassport” as a share with “Mobile & Web App Access” is ON. After a long time of indexing, everything seems working as it’s supposed to.
  2. One day, I unplugged the old USB HDD and connected a new different USB HDD. The new share is named “My_Passport”, different from the old.
    Its “Mobile & Web App Access” shows OFF, but I can access its (new USB HDD) content from the App. The directory is the actual from the new USB HDD, and video can be streamed in real-time. The photos seem like thumbnails cached from old USB HDD.
  3. I toggled the “Mobile & Web App Access” to ON and then to OFF, just in hope to trigger the cleaning process of the caches. After this, I’m not able to access the directory/file content via App but the photo thumnails are still there.
  4. I switched the old USB HDD back connected to My Cloud and found the “Mobile & Web App Access” is ON in console. I changed it to OFF and yet to see if its cached thumbnails will be cleaned.

I’m sorry if the text is too long, but I found this bug can be very serious and cause undesired data leakage.

I hope WD official team can have a check and fix it. Thanks.