BUG: Over temperature event email format needs correcting


When my My BOOK LIVE 3TB drive (FW 02.02.02-020) goes over temperature I receive the following email:

   Following events are generated on your MyBookLive NAS1.

   Event title:???

   Event description:The system temperature is above the specified maximum temperature. Please move the system to a cooler location.


   Event code:0001

The wdalerts.log file records the following:

   Sep 28 15:30:04 localhost nas: crit:  0001:
   Sep 28 16:00:03 localhost nas: info:  2003: Temperature normal

Please can the event title in the email and the event description in the log be corrected?

Does anyone know if there’s a way to see the temperature in the WebUI?


That issue should be corrected in the next update.