Bug or defective wdtv live


My wdtv live freezes after browsing  movies in a  folder with +130 movie folders each with a “folder.jpg”  no larger than 300x450 px each. This doesn’t happen at first,  I go over the movies (in thumbnail mode) twice or thrice and the last raw of icons shows as generic, for instance, and the remote doesn’t work until I reboot the wdtv (power reset)

The connections are very simple: wdtv live connected to a d-link green 5 ports gigabit switch to which  a d-link 323 NAS is also connected algon with a blu-ray player.  Switch keeps working, NAS keeps working; I have tested different ports and it freezes the same.

I asked a replacement, the replacement is doing the same.

Is this a bug or my second unit is also defective?

thanks !

It’s a known bug.

Darn! had i known  this I woudln’t have requested an RMA.

Have not seen it mentioned before though…

thank you.