BUG: Metadata Content retrieval of Frost/Nixon (2008)

Strange but true!

When you attempt to retrieve metadata content for the above mentioned movie using WDTV LIVE HUB it causes the WDTV LIVE HUB to reboot itself!

Here is the movie  http://www.themoviedb.org/movie/11499

Wonder if it’s me or a Firmware bug wherein certain metadata with a “/” in the names causes WDTV LIVE Hub to crash?


No, it’s a bug.    Certain characters are not properly escaped when stored in XML, which causes the processor to bail when it reads the XML back.


Thanks for confirming my findings… Weird but true!

I just experienced this problem too. I searched it here and sure enough other people have dealt with it. Hopefully this gets fixed in their new firmware release.

Yes, definitely a bug and an annoying one.  But at least it isn’t major.

This problem is fixed in FW 2.04.13…

Again thank you WD for listening to WD community…