Bug: Loosing resolution settings

Hi, i have a problem with my Hub - its changing resolution to 480.

This is happen when I:

  • turn off tv before Hub

  • turn on tv before Hub

If i turn on tv first then hub its works fine, and if turn off hub before turning off tv hten its works fine too. Only in this two cases above it resets resolution to 480.

That’s a but confusing as you seem to contradict yourself in the last sentence.

There was a bug where if you turned the TV to the relevant input before turning the hub on there were issues but I believe this was resolved in the last firmware?

How are you connecting,  HDMI? And what is the TV model etc.

Like kosh2 says, that was a known bug (used to affect me too) but recent firmwares seemed to fix it.  

What firmware are you using?

Im using:

  • firmware 2.03.24

  • Samsung  UE40C9000 

  • Samsung  LE40A656A

I have the same problem when I turn off the hub (pushing 5 secs the on/off button) of when I turn off the power supply of the hub. The resolution come back to 720p 50hz instead of my default resolution of 1080p 60hz. 

This is a very annoying problem!

Someone solved this problem saving the setting in some other way?

Thank you in advance 


I have the latest firmware and I am having the same issue.  Whenever I restart my Hub I go from 1080p to 480p…

I confirm I have the latest firmware too.

same [Edited] :(. i turned on/off player with manually resolution 1080p60hz -> reset to default 720p50hz.