Bug - invalid ip address

When i manually input my ip address under network setup wdtv live claims that ip address is an invalid ip address. If I change the 255’s to a lower number the ip address is recognized as a valid ip. WDTV should recognize this particular ip range all the way up to as valid. Can this be fixed?

Very doubtful, as these boxes are so old that there hasn’t been an update in almost 16 months.

It IS an invalid IP address. 255 is only usable in certain circumstances. As an address for your device is not such a circumstance.

tisme expalin why it’s not valid. according to the wiki below it’s a valid private network address:


Basically the 255 in an IP address denotes the “Broadcast address” for a subnet. It is used to send packets to an entire subnet. Read more here.


No, he’s right. 255 is only represents broadcast if ALL the bits in the host half of the address are ones. Without knowing the subnet mask, it’s not certain, but I can’t think of a mask that would interpret that as a broadcast address…

The example addresses provided, is valid in all cases I can think of.

Unusual? Perhaps.
Illegal? No.

Definetly! The subnet mask can change what the broadcast address should be. In my case, my subnet mask is I probably should have posted that before. So the valid ip range is - It stops at 254 because the broadcast address is Try this calculator to see why I mean:


Changing the subnet in the calculator could change the broadcast address. It depends on the subnet at that point.

Anyways, my ip address is a valid class A ip address.

I’m running a class A net in the 10.x.x.x range as well, no 255s in there though.

Late to the party but that is most definitely a valid IP address using that subnet mask. Certainly odd that for a home network that you would want to subdivide a class A address into so many subnets, but still should work. For home use, would seem like a much more appropriate mask, and of course give you a ton of useable addresses.


Glad everyone is on the same page now. I’m also glad people think this address is an odd address to use, but yet valid. :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually have the WDTV live plus. I’m wondering if the newer WDTV streaming media player (gen 3) has this same issue with the firmware that’s in use. I don’t have one to test.