Bug in NZBGet Unpack


Recently NZBGet seems to have a bug in Unpack/unrar. Evertime I want to download larger files, the unpack stops with Status “Space”  and Unrar code: 5,  Small files till approx, 2gb don’t have this issue.

According HugBug (NZBget forum) it looks like WDLive bug and Unrar needs to be updated.

ERROR Sun Sep 21 2014 11:20:08 Unpack for Big failed
ERROR Sun Sep 21 2014 11:20:08 Unrar error code: 5
INFO Sun Sep 21 2014 11:20:08 Unrar: Program aborted
INFO Sun Sep 21 2014 11:20:08 Unrar: File too large

is this something known overhere?


I don’t have any experience with NZBGet. But maybe other users have used it before and can share some information.


Meanwhile I was informed via the NZBGet forum, that there is indeed a bug in NZBGet which was provided with the latest firmware,  you only can compile unrar with a 2 GB filesize limit.

As per “Clintonhall” (NZBGet forum):  “WD has received the new unrar binary, confirmed it is working so I hope they are able to push out an update soon”.

Any idea when we can expect it?

Hi BruceMW,

I just joined the community here and noted a few posts of interest.

Are you still experiencing this issue? The latest FirmWare should not contain this bug anymore.

Hey Clinton,

I’m running NZBget 14.1 on a Netgear ReadyNAS Ultra 2 Plus, running OS 6.2.3. I’m getting this same error message: 

ERROR Mon Feb 16 2015 14:40:04 Unpack for X failed
ERROR Mon Feb 16 2015 14:40:04 Unrar error code: 5

I’ve ensured that Unrar is up to date. The strange thing is that I’ve had some other downloads work, though all of a sudden, I’m faced with this. I’ve set DiskSpace to 0 in NZBget settings. My NAS currently has over 2TB free on it. All paths have been left as default. 

Any ideas? Absolutely love the app and I’m really hoping I can get to the bottom of this.



The errors only occurs when you are unpacking a file greater than 4GB.
The issue is that unrar was not compiled with large file support.
Did you compile this yourself?
These forums are really for WD products, so you would be better off asking this over at NZBGet forums etc…