BUG: Images are displayed jagged/aliased after playing MTS files over network


When playing media from local drive, eg. USB, only photos OR videos are accessible in a given directory - based on ‘Photo’ or ‘Video’ mode selection - but not both. However, when playing/selecting media over a network, regardless whether ‘Photo’ or ‘Video’ mode is selected, both file types are visible and accessible in a given directory.

If you have a directory over a network with MTS video (1920x1080) and JPG photo files (also 1920x1080 size) in it, displaying a photo AFTER playing an MTS file will display the photo jagged/aliased, as if the photo would be a lower resolution (say 1280x720) and completely aliased, while stretched to 1920x1080 size.


  1. Place a 1080i MTS video file and a few 1920x1080 size JPG photos into the same directory on both the local drive (USB) and into a folder on a network (Windows 7 Ultimate x64). In my case, both the 1080i MTS file and the photos were from a Sony HX5V digital camera - without any editing.

  2. In the Menu, select ‘Video’ and browse to the local USB drive. Only the MTS video file is visible, the photos are not. So far so good.

  3. Play the MTS video. You don’t have to play it all the way.

  4. Now go back to the menu, select photo mode, and browse the images. Notice that only the photos are visible, the MTS video is not. The 1920x1080 images are displayed clear and crisp.

  5. Now repeat the procedure, but this time navigate to the folder over the network. First of all, notice that regardless whether you selected photo or video mode from the menu, both the MTS video AND the photos are visible in the directory.

  6. Play the MTS file. You don’t have to play it all the way.

  7. Now display a photo. Notice the photo is completely jagged/aliased. you have to turn the media player off and back on to be able to display the photos in clear and crisp again.

WD TV Live Plus HD

FW: 1.04.22_B

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Photos: JPG 1920x1080 (from Sony HX5V camera

Video: MTS 1080i (from Sony HX5V camera)

Wd just released there new firmware update today.

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