Bug? How to watch a movie AND browse menu's, like picture in picture

As you may be able to tell from my few posts in a few hours, I’ve just got my Live Hub, and like playing.

As i was playing around with the remote whilst watching a movie, I’ve managed to get the movie to continue to play, but returning to the menu system. This allows the movie to be displayed as the background in Poster view whilst browsing films.

It’s obviously a bug, as you can’t then return to viewing the movie without restarting the movie through selecting it in poster view.

This is what i did:

Navigated to a movie through the Poster View (?) ie the one with DVD cover art at the bottom of the screen

Start watching a movie (past any menus into the main movie)

Press ‘Options’ on your remote

Press ‘Set Up’ on your remote

Press ‘Back’ on your remote

Select ‘Video’ on the screen by pressing ‘OK’ on your remote

And you should then see the movie still playing in the background with your movie collection layered over the top. Odd. When i tried to click into another movie to play that, it just made the background images from that movie full screen, pressing ‘Back’ on the remote then crashed the Hub and caused it to restart.

Just thought i would post it, cos it amused me.


Have you noticed this very nice thing in “Preview View” of videos?

You cursor to a movie in the list and the preview starts in the pane on the right. But even if it is a DVD ISO with menus, previews, FBI warnings, etc, the preview in the right pane just starts the main movie without all the lead-in foo-fa-rah. You then cursor over to the preview pane and hit ‘OK’ and you are watching the main movie, having bypassed all menus, warnings, previews.



No no, its not in the ‘Preview View’, i’m aware of that view and in a seperate point would like that preview pane to show a trailer of the movie instead of starting to play it.

I am talking about you having a full screen movie running, but with the poster view layered over the top. Maybe you should follow my first post and see if you can do it on your Hub. Its hard to explain.

Oh, I tried what you suggested, and got it to do exactly what you said, including the crash-and-burn reboot. ha.

I guess that’s a bug, but rather hard to find by accident.

I think that view is the one they call “Mezzanine view”. And it seems to be that you get a vid running in the background, then you get the same (or different) one running in the foreground, and the hub gets rather upset about that situation and tosses cookies. I believe I got a vid running in the background from the “Preview view” viewing pane once, and suffered similarly :slight_smile:

I was simply pointing out the handy way to skip all the menus and stuff on a dvd.iso.