Bug found - My Cloud passwords for Safepoints (verifier needed)


I need someone to confirm a problem with passwords wrt creating safepoints.

What Im finding is that if I insert a $ into the user of a TARGET mycloud, while I can use that password on the TARGET mycloud, if I try to set up a safepoint from my SOURCE mycloud it rejects the log in. I suspect this is periodically killing my safepoints.

I am using v04.04.04-101 on both myclouds.

Steps to replicate (you will need 2 myclouds to do this):
1/. On the TARGET, set up a user called Mr_User. Password of ‘pass’. Give them full access to all shares.
2/. On the SOURCE, go thru the first steps of setting up a safepoint to the TARGET. You will need to select Network Scan and select TARGET. Pick a share and enter Mr_User and ‘pass’. This should be accepted. Stop there. Cancel out.
3/. On the TARGET, change the password of Mr_User to ‘$pass’.
4/. Repeat step 2, but with the new password.
5/. Use the My Cloud desktop application to connect to the TARGET drive with Mr_User and $pass. This should be accepted (and is for me).

For me this 4th step fails and is proof that there is a problem with passing passwords around myclouds but not for all functionality (eg step 5 is ok). Clearly $ are not acceptable in passwords sometimes. I have changed the password back and forward many times and the success/failure keeps happening.

Workaround: don’t use $ in passwords.
Fix: WD please address this! Either bar $ in passwords (and any other naughty characters) or address the problem when they are used.

Hi there,

Thanks for sharing this information with the Community, I suggest contacting support in order to report this issue you are experiencing: