BUG: Add new user: FTP access denied

Firmware: WDMyCloud v03.04.01-230

Device: WD My Cloud 3TB

If you add a new user and then try and FTP using that account, you get access denied - 530 Permission denied

To resolve: reboot you MyCloud and user can then FTP into MyCloud

:smiley: hmmm… I have 11 users (not all my children and all have access ) and I never had to touch mycloud for FTP to work.

Have you tried with current firmware?

nope. Let me try it in few minutes.

You are right, they broke it :slight_smile:

Did you tell them? opened a ticket?

Nope… will do now… just wanted to check it wasn’t just me! I was going mad this morning trying to work out what was going on! :smiley: