BUG 1.01.24 .VOB file on finging nemo stops

Hello there first I must say this is a great little player. I rip all my dvd movies to one .vob file via dvd fab. They all work great (over 270 of them) but i just got finding nemo and went to play it it will play all the way to where the sharks throw the torpido onto the land mines then shortly after it will freez same spot evry time. I have tryed re riping and all. The file will play great on my ps3 and computer with no problems at all. I have read some other people may have had this problem. Will the new firmware take care of this??? My movies are all stored on my Windows Home Server all are in .vob single file format and streem through my wired network. I have 2 wd live players and both do it same spot all the time but like I say through my ps3 streming it will play all the way through evry time. I find it odd it has only done it to this one video??? Please help it would be great…THANKS 

Find out what the bit rate of the file is. Perhaps the bit rate is too high and causes the WD TV Live box to choke…  Al

How do you find the bitrate??? sorry cant see an option for that like you can on the ps3. NEW UPDATE my boy was watching cars and it did it on that one too. later in the movie but still did it. when you press stop then play agen it asks if you want to continue playback I hit yes and it starts the movie in a way earlyer time. I hope this can be fixed.