Buffering Issue with EX4100

This will take a moment to explain before I ask for help/suggestions for my problem. I have undertaken a project where I ripped a copy of all my dvd’s , and stored them all in my EX4100. I have ran a ethernet cable from my router ( I presently have an AT&T router), to a Nvidia Shield, which then I am able to watch my movies on the TV. I use Kodi as a platform to present my movies to me ( I must say that I am not sharing the movies with the world, just myself). I have in the past been able to watch the movies with no issues. But presently, the movies that were ripped from the bluray dvd’s are experiencing buffering issues- every 20 or so seconds it stops to buffer. So, what do you , my esteemed community, think is causing this buffering issue?

Hi Guitarman62,

You should refer below article in this concern.