Buffer issue?

when hooking up my toshiba external hd i am experiencing some MAJOR lag/buffer when playing ANY file back.  Mind you im not running this via network, just usb.

Flac files seem as if they have to buffer, same with mkv files.

will having a different external or usb with just the file(s) i’d like to play help this issue?

Which TV live do you own the plus or standard and which firware version are you running?

wd tv live plus

just bought it today…

firmware is 1.03.29_b

just made a thread about firmware help (im a beauty right?)  can’t get it to upload and followed directions perfect.  mind you, not running a network/ethernet.  trying to avoid that


What model hard drive is it?

model: wdbabx0000nbk-nesn

running this firmware now.


will try again tmrw with full external hd.

updated firmware.

plugged in external hd.

let sit plugged in for like 30 minutes until playing.

still experiencing a buffer/skipping.  movie is 1080 and about 11 gigs.  maybe that is too much for the little box to handle?