BSOD when access My Book World II from the ethernet address from Windows 7 64 bits

I found a bug in the last versions of available My Book World 2, i have three disk with 4TB, my last doesnt work when i access from Windows 7 64bits, i get BSOD (blue screen of death) when try access the network ip, like \, the blue screen driver error is MUP_FILE_SYSTEM. This problem appear only when is accessed from 64bits windows, i have others windows 7 32bits works like expect. Please, fix driver for 64 bits access. 

Important: This problem is simulated only in the last versions of available in the market of My Book World 2, the fimware are updated, the WD Discovery is 1.80 version.

Any tip to help?

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I’m having the same problem - I can’t shut down, sleep, hibernate, etc without blue screen of death.  I’m in Win 7 / 64-bit and have upgraded WD Discovery, Firmware, etc to latest editions with no luck.  Everything works fine on Vista connected machine.  I’m on the WD My World Book 1TB.


i have similar problems with my book world 1T under windows 7 64 bits. if i start the my book world on the running system, i get a blue screen. the firmware is up to date and the driver is properly installed. i notice that when i start first my book world and then the pc, it works without problems.

So I found a temp hack in order to “fix” the problem.  Go to Computer --> Manage --> Hard Drives and disable Win 7 management of the WD drive.  It will still show up fine as a network share and WD Anywhere Backup / WD Discovery, MioNet, etc will have no problem finding it .  Windows 7 seems to be choking when its trying to shutdown, sleep, hibernate, etc this drive and ending in blue screen death.  Sweet.

Looks like WD needs to fix the drivers for this in Windows 7 for a true fix. 

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