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Received my WDTV Live 2 days ago so I haven’t had much time on it, maybe I have missed something…

The hard disk browser user-interface seems very poor.

I can browse to any folder on the USB attached disk, or on my PC via the network. BUT:

a.  Having changed into a particular folder, eg. “\video\2008\adult_films”, I can see nothing on the screen that tells me which folder I am in, I have to rely on my memory of how I got there.

b.  The list of files in each folder consists of repeated instances of the same identical, meaningless icon. I can see about 16 of these at any time. If I want to know what files are present in the folder, I have to highlight each icon in turn, and look at the filename revealed at the bottom of the screen. THIS IS AWFUL. It makes it really slow and tedious to look for the file you want to play.

Compare this with the view from Windows Explorer (WE) on my PC:

a.  I can easily arrange for WE to show me my current folder at all times.

b.  WE gives me a choice of “views” of the files in the folder, eg. Thumbnails, Details, etc. ALL of these choices show the file name of all the files that will fit in the current window, with or without an accompanying icon or thumbnail. As a result I can scan down the list by eye, and have no difficulty locating the file I want to find.

I have looked in vain for some way to configure things so I see more filenames instead of these useless icons. PLEASE, somebody, tell me it doesn’t have to be like this!

Have you search the rest of the forum about this? I’d give it a try. Or, have you tried contacting WD’s Technical Support about this? I would consider giving them a call or sending them an email.

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