Browsing Samba-folders via wifi

Hello. I just wanted to ask if anybody else got the same observeration as I have with regard to browsing Samba-shared folders with a couple hundred items via WiFi (802.11g) and “Media Library” disabled. So, when I flip around going left and right in the folder-view, the time between the button-press on the remote and the action being executed is bearable (approx. 1 second), when the folder got only a couple dozen of items (folders and files). But when there are more than approx. 300 items in the folder, it can take two seconds or longer until the action is executed. Looking at the LED of the router while doing this, I have to assume the WDTV is refetching the whole file-list upon each button-press. Also, I think, when some files got unicode-characters in the filenames, the time is even longer. The firmware-version is 1.07.18, I also did a factory-reset.
The slowdown apparently only happens when switching from file to file. When going from folder to folder, the response is immediate, regardless of how many items there are in the folder.

Ok, after playing around with countless reboots, I found the slow response to only happen after one file has been started for playback. Before that, the selection of files is fast, regardless of the number of items.

Ofter starting just one file (doesn’t matter in which folder), all following actions are slowed down to a crawl depending on the number of items in a folder.

After STOPING a file, the WD takes about 5 seconds to update the resume point in the media library. It will react slowly until it’s done with that task.

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But I have got media library disabled. And even waiting a minute doesn’t help with the slowness.

This issue is not resolved in the latest version (1.08.17) either.

Filed an issue-report now, please upvote if you encounter this problem, too: Link

This is NOT fixed in 1.09.10.