Browsing media thru Twonky web UI

When I access the Twonky web UI at “wdmycloud:9000” I can go though the various settings pages to configure the Twonky server software. However, when I follow the “video”, “music”, or “photo” links (upper right corner of the status page) I get to a page that simply says “MY LIBRARY” on the left side but does not show any of my content. The content is loaded on to the MyCloud and can be seen by other dlna devices on my network, so the server seems to be working. But shouldn’t I be able to browse my content (and hopefully, do other useful things like create playlists) through the Twonky UI? Is anyone else able to do this?

Yeah, it’s working for me…  Have you tried a different browser?

Hi Tony, the above describes what it looks like using Chrome. I tried with IE, and clicking on a media type gives me even less: just the Twonky logo, not even the words “MY LIBRARY”!

Does the server status page indicate everything is normal?

I think so… It shows the network name I have given to the mycloud, the Twonky software version (7.2.6-2E), the number of videos, songs, and photos indexed, and Activity Status: Not streaming. The lower pane shows cached memory in KB, Last Database Update, Server Uptime, Server Restart Pending: No, Windows Media DRM Status: , and Network Interfaces: IP addr & MAC addr of the mycloud. Does this look normal to you?

Yeah, that all sounds normal…

Have you tried just rebooting the cloud?

Rebooted… But, no change.

Same here. I believe this has to do with the config.js file but the twonky forums page has gone offline. Anyone have a solution? Just update for openssl fix and now I lost my previously fixed file :frowning: