Browser no longer uploads sub folders

Previously I could use chrome on my mac mini to upload a folder with subfolders full of images. Now when I try to upload a folder, it strips all of the subfolders away, leaving a giant list of images. Is this part of a recent update, or do I need to try to find yet another browser that will allow me to upload folders and subfolders. (side note, I am not using the drive as a mirror for a local drive, but rather as a stand alone storage option.

Hi, are you on your local network or outside of your local network?

Local Network. I can upload the files within the folders. Just not the folders themselves.


Thank you for reporting the issue.
What version of Chrome browser are you running?

We tested the folder upload functionality in Chrome for Mac:

  • Chrome 51.0.2704.84 works OK
  • Chrome 52 Fails
  • Chrome 53.0.2785.57 beta works OK

Samuel Brown

I am on version 52.0.2743.116

Do I need to try to go back a version, or should I wait and see if there is a fix soon?

Also, is there a better browser that I should be using? Safari can’t upload folders at all.

Thank you!



If you’re local, why not use Finder?

Samuel Brown