Browser Error: Content not available [WD Live} after latest firmware update

OK. So I just updated my WD Live player that was working (always slightly buggy) pretty good this evening. I was prompted to download and install the new Version 1.13.18. After the install… I add 30 apps in the service menu including a couple additions. Nothing awesome though… I would like to see a way to use NBA League Pass. 


Anyways… I try to play a movie through the media server as usuall and I get  Browser Error: Content not available.  So… I stick a pin in the reset. When it starts up… I see noticable changes. Including a “Live TV” menu. I have 26 apps in services now instead of 30. I also still can’t play anything from my media server. I reset my router… restart my computer…  and a bunch of other things like redoing my network completly. I can acess all of my files… and see them listed, but when I hit play the loader just spins and then gives me  Browser Error: Content not available.

What else can I do. This stinks.

Try rolling back the firmware to the previous version and then try reinstalling the latest version again.