Browser access & mobile app access continually failing

I’ve had an EX2100 for about two months now - when I’m at home it works great, and 75% of the time remote access works great.

The other 25% I continually get the ‘Drive Offline’ error message when I know full well that it’s not. I’ll get home and try again using the home-based wi-fi and connection is fine.

I’m also finding that despite having installed the DropBox app and in the first instance it populating the EX2100 exactly, it’s not not syncing with DropBox so a lot of files are only appearing on the EX2100 DropBox folders and NOT on within my native/online DropBox folders.

Anyone else having such problems?


Try to do a reset on the unit see if by doing this its helps with this, also you can try by turning off cloud access and the restarting the unit and once the unit is back up turn cloud access back on.

Here is a link that might help with the reset process:

Hope this helps.

I am having a similar problem with an Ex4100. No access through the Dashboard, PC app, Android app, nor iOS app all on local wifi. A power cycle will fix it for a while. Drive worked great until a firmware update near the end of September 2015, I’ve had it since July 2015.