Browse error.content not available

When I try to open a dvd iso I get a “browse error.content not available” notice, I am streaming from a Synology DS107+ and have selected on the WD the media server option, music and photo’s works fine but when I selected a dvd iso file I get the notice. When I selected the network share option the file play’s ok. Does anyone now why is it not working in the mediaserver option?


Ronald,  The Netherlands

As far as I know, ISO format is not supported on Media Servers.  DVDs are INTERACTIVE.   Media Servers aren’t.  I could be wrong, but I’ve just never heard anyone saying they do work…

did you ever figure this out? i just got one of these and i’m getting the same error on most of my video and some of my audio files

The files on the hd from the HUB works ok.

The files on a share will work ok.

The files with the mediaserver selected will not work.

Since a week with nothing changed on my network, music and photo will not work anymore from the mediaserver I get a message “no content found”. I have placed all my files on the HD from the HUB so I can listen and watch them.

Also Facebook is not working I get a message “no network” but Youtube etc. works fine.

I my experience the player is a little buggy.