Broken USB Ports

Has anybody else that’s been here for a while noticed that these broken USB ports seem to come in batches then quiet down and flare up again? I think there are 2 problems with the port. One it is weak and only held in place by solder and two I bet if anybody examined the broken ports and boards they would show a cold joint. I also wonder if these defective boards come from different suppliers? A port soldered onto a circuit board with nothing else to reinforce it on a portable device is a bad idea.


Agreed, all pics I have seen so far show a single joint on broken ports.

And ignoring physical stress… What else could weaken it so fast? o.o

It would seem like there should be a stronger way of securing the port to the board other than just the solder joint especially on portable units. If there isn’t a stronger way they should design a boss in the case to fit behind the port to relieve pressure. I’ve looked on Seagate foruims and see they have plenty of broken ports there also.I think they occasionally get a batch with poorly soldered joints and a poor inspection process at the supplier and at assembly both add to the problem.