Broken USB port....what to do?

I have a Western Digital My Book 500G External Hard Drive.  We use for the backup for our Wii games. My question is this…I was backing up our games on the PC when the Hard Drive fell off the desk and the MicroUSB port broke off of the circuit board. I was thinking about getting the Rocketfish - 3.5in Serial ATA Hard Drive Enclosure. Would this still be compatible and work?

It won’t work the board the USB port attaches to provides hardware encryption for all external drives that came with Smartware. It doesn’t matter if you installed Smartware or not. About the only hope is seeing if you can get a new USB port soldered on. The fall may have physically damaged the HD too.


So basically my only option is to buy a new WD hard drive and hope like **bleep** the boards fit or I can buy the piece that is the exact same as my board (numbers are the same on the back of the circuit board) off Ebay?