Broken USB port help plz

Like many I have a broken USB port on my western digital smart book essentials 1tb. 

The USB literally broke off one day when plugging the drive in.

I went to the store and got a new casing, put the hard drive in the casing.

Plugged it into my Mac and got a error saying “the disk you inserted was not readable by this computer” initialize, ignore, eject.

I click initialize and IM taken to the disk utility, verify disk/repair disk, all these buttons are grayed out.

Has anyone gone through with the soldering I have heard so much about?

Any ideas of how to get my files?

Any advice will really help me out.

Thank you


I have tried this on two Macs and a windows PC.

The little board that has the broken USB port provides hardware encryption. Without that board any data recovered is useless. About the only thing is soldering by somebody who works on electronics or trying to find a replacement board which is uncertain. Then there is professional data recovery. They might be able reconstruct the board on another one but it wouldn’t be cheap.


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thank you thats what i was afraid of, ill see if someone can get that pice back on there

See Aussie Girl’s post in the following thread: