Broken SATA connector

Hi Everyone,

I broke my drive SATA connector :frowning:

Today I was installing new drives into my PC 4 x 2TB WD BLACK and somehow I bent the connector into my 6TB WD GREEN. After I removed the SATA cable connector plugged into the drive I noticed on closer inspection the L shape plastic guide broke off in the cable socket leaving the SATA port pins pointing out. The drive is now not able to be connected to the motherboard. There is over 5TB of stuff on the drive and since it was only purchased 3 months ago it would be a shame to lose an otherwise perfectly good drive.

What should I do to fix it??


I don’t know of any company that repairs this kind of damage. I do recommend you contact WD support and explain the situation. However, if you need to recover the data on it then you should contact a data recovery company.

If it is just the little plastic part, I have been able to connect and recover data on a drive like that before using one of the external sata/usb drive kits. That is providing you didn’t break off the entire tab. Also you can usually find replacement drive boards on Ebay.