Broken passport 500gb

desperate as my laptop is no longer registering my passport…  have four years worth of teaching resouces on the passport.  it was my back up and had everything on my school computer but have recently started a new school and not got round to getting everything off the passport and safe and sound in another place.   violins please.  

I have tried another laptop, all ports etc but with no joy.  The passport makes a whirring and clicking noise   - like a scratched dvd and then gives up, the light still works.  Nothing shows up on the laptop.

I will pay quite a bit to get the files off but not sure how to go about organising this.  The passport is over a year old and I’m pretty sure that i didn’t register the warranty. 

any ideas gratefully received.


southampton, UK 

heads are busted. was the drive dropped?

pm sent

Check the serial number at the Western Digital website sometimes they provide up to two years warranty agreement.

yep… not from a particularly high height… just off the edge of a chair… :( 

Thank you… will do

thank you