Broken Mycloud enclosure

My Mycloud enclosure has died and wont access the files on the hard drive. I can access the drive using a USB enclosure and a laptop running Linux however it won’t let me all of the files as it says I am not the owner of certain folders. Is there either any way I can change the ownership of the folders (I’m new to linux and the chown/chgrp are a bit confusing as I can’t seem to find the drive in the terminal window) or do I need to find a replacement my cloud enclosure?
Please help as I want to recover the files and then reuse the drive. Thanks in advance

Hi MW13,
If drive’s enclosure is in warranty then replace it.

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unfortunately it’s a few years old now so will be out of warranty.

I have a similar problem. I have two 4Tb enclosures and one on them (the oldest of course) can be seen on the network using its IP address, but none of the shares work apart from the Photos, Video and Music ones. I have a seperate folder / share and have loads of files that I need. I can see the photos, Videos and music in there but no word files etc. How can I get them to be seen again and then I will reformat the drive for internal Windows use