Broken micro USB port


Have managed to break my passport’s micro USB port!!!

Is there a way of replacing the port by resoldering a new one on?

Or can you bypass it by using the 12 pins on the PCB somehow?

No-one seems to know, but judging by these forums this is a common problem!

Please help!

An electronics repait place might be able to resolder the port back on. The other options are take the card from an identical drive or find a matching card on Ebay maybe this will help explain  Remember opening the drive viods the warranty.


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Thanks for your reply Joe.

However, it’s the actual port that’s damaged, so I need a new port soldered on rather than the old one reattached.

No idea where to get one tho!

Hello rainylleg ,

Any idea where to find identical port ?

i had WD element SE with Micro USB - B port (5 Pin ) as per my understanding & I am facing same problem .

Please revert in case if you get this type port in any site.