Broken Hard drive - number of platters and heads needed

Hey WD community.
My hard drive is broken and i want to buy a reading head replacement tool, therefore i need to know the number of platters and heads in my drive. Since i can not find any specs that can give me this information i was hoping that you can help me.


If you need to recover the data on the drive I recommend you contact a data recovery company. Attempting data recovery without the proper tools and/or environment might damage the drive even more and make the data irrecoverable.

Hello Hamlet,
thx for your advice. I am aware of that, this is why i am going to buy the right tools ;-). I have access to a clean room and the knowledge of how hard drives work in detail. I consider my chances of success to be on the order of 15%. But I wanna try it anyway. Curiosity is bigger than the need of data recovery.
Btw i got the answer meanwhile if someone else is interested: It has 3 platters and 6 heads.