Broken enclosure

My 1 TB MDL: WD 10EADS - 11M2B2 SATA/32MB external hardrive enclosure broke but the drive is still fine, any suguestions on what new enclosure to get to make it work good? if anyone can help it would be a real lifesaver i dont wanna reformat and put it in my machine cuz i have over 500g of music, games, pics, vids, ect… on it. i am looking for preferably a differnt brand of enclosure (if it will work) because the usb port on my old enclosure broke with the slightest movement of the cord (hint hint WD). ty in advance and have a nice day hope to see a reply soon. 

If it’s a drive with Smartware the data will been crypted whether you set a password or not. If that is the case  putting it in a new case won’t help. You might see if you can find somebody that repairs electronics and see if they could solder a new port on.


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how do i see if it has smartware i dont think i got the old enclosure anymore

i THINK it was a western digital my book 1T external hardrive i looked up a pic of it on google, it looked like this if this helps at all idk, but i really wanna get this solved so i can have my info back ty for the help so far tho.


If that picture is your drive there should be any problem obtaining a normal external enclosure. That drive does not contain smartware and therefore  can be put into a external enclosure.

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so any sugestions on what specific enclosure to get? i need something fairly cheap yet durable.

As long as its a SATA its just a standard hard drive. Try anything cheap.

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how do i know if its a 2.5" or a 3.5" does it mean the actual dimentions of the drive or is it something else

I have know knowledge of knowing what size of hard drive is inside the enclosure as long as you can remove the drive and connect it to the enclosure you should be able to retreive your data. It should  be a standard sized desktop hard drive.

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well i already have it out of the enclosure (warenty ended) but does the 2.5/3.5 mean literal dimentions or what?

and now i am even more confused i measured the dimentions of the drive and it is 4 inch x 5 3/4 inch… 

Try placing it inside of a desktop enclosure or a desktop computer.

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it fits in the comp and is the same size as the ones in any of the comps around me