Broken drive?

My first WD green crashed after just a few months. WD sent me a replacement. I have connected it to power and sata 6 to the motherboard. Most of the time, the PC does not even recognize. Sometimes it is recognized, but when I copy files to the HD, after about an hour or so, the PC crashes. Is this just a bad (although brand new, well ‘recertified’) HD, or is it possible I’m doing something wrong? I’ve got a 250GB HD and an 80GB SSD connected, just fine…

Hi well there is not much you can do wrong when installing a hard drive example not grounding yourself to the case or rubbing the pcb with your hand and I do not think you are doing that. So yes it would seem just bad luck try and run WD data lifeguard on the drive and see if it passes or has any smart problem.

thank you!!!