Broken Connection

So I have a WD Scorpio external hard drive. I’ve had it for awhile now. About a year ago the metal piece that the cable goes into broke off of the board to the drive. I took off the plastic cover to see if I could fix it myself but I do not have a solderin iron that would allow me for such precise solders. What I noticed is that the part that allows you to connect the drive to your cable can pull off. Would anyone know where i could get one of those parts seperate from the hard drive? Hopefully this is enough information for anyone reading this to understand what I’m talking about. 

By chance, would you mean a WD Passport? The WD Scorpio line is for internal Hard Drives, one may come inside of your WD Passport, but it remains a WD Passport.

Western Digital does not provide individual internal parts for their products. However, details such as the Model Number of your product will allow more Users to better help you.