Bring it with?

I know this seems totally opposite of what a NAS is intended for. I’m not crazy, really. I’m considering buying the Pro PR2100 for backing up files and to be a media server. My usage would be totally normal most of the time. But a few times a year, I am away from my home for a few days. I don’t leave valuable items when I am away because my place has been robbed before. Are there any technical issues with brining the NAS with me where I go, where I can hook it up to the network there. This is strictly about protecting my physical property. I already know that I should move but I can’t do that at this time so taking my valuables with is my only option. That is actually the biggest factor preventing me from making the purchase already. Knowing if it can be temporarily/occasionally moved without any major reconfiguration, etc would eliminate that issue.

Thanks for sincere input

Yes you can move the box. Just like your phone, it’s able to connect to another LAN network, but it may get another IP address, so your laptop might not find the NAS on the old address.
But most TVs should be able to find the Plex / DLNA server to play your media.

Look into getting a My Passport Wireless Pro (drive). I often bring one with me on vacations to enjoy my media files as in some ways it acts like a mini NAS…

And do something about the security of your home!