Bring back left/right/up/down buttons to adapt subtitle sync and position

Not sure if this is a bug or a feature, but the left/right and up/down buttons don’t change the subtitle sync or position anymore during playback.

According to the manual this should work, but when I try it on my SMP nothing happens. I can still change it via the options menu, but for subtitle sync this is not very practical.

The buttons are now dead during playback, so why not bring this feature back to life?


What firmware revision is the one you are currently using with your Media Player? Do you happen to still encounter the same issue if you roll back the firmware into a previous release?

I thought that was on the Live / Live +, not the Live SMP?

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Heheh… You’re right! :slight_smile:

On the SMP you got to press the Options button first. Don’t know why, either.