Brilliant forum but as

Brilliant forum but as a newbie to live hub 1tb.

Can someone be so kind as to do an easy step by step guide to installing new themes and movie sheets and or point me in the right direction to get that info?

Your help would be much appreciated.

See that Blue Box at the top of Screen and the Word ‘Board’ and a “Search” Button.

That’s a very good place to Start.

If you type “installing a theme”  the 1st Result, Yields a “Beginner’s Guide to Installing Themes and Moviesheets?”

and also lot’s of other answers to other questions that have been asked and answered previously.

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:smileyvery-happy: Wow an excellent Tip for the Day!!!

Nice one Joey, shame the guy never even said thanks.

I worked it out myself thank you anyways,

and to the one below me i don’t live online, so i only just got the reply…